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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Trouble with Shoes

I was going through my closet to find my usual pair of running shoes, which I bought for $1 at a second hand store, when I realized I had four other pairs just like it. All from the thrift store and all beat up. I think I used the others once before they sat in the depths of my closet. I at least tried them all but found each to be extremely uncomfortable. Maybe investing in a new pair would be the smartest option, but I know this will not happen because I am very cheap. When I see a pair of Nike's or Saucony running shoes that seem perfectly fine at the thrift store they seem to call my name. I try them on and walk around a bit, feeling this time I found the perfect shoe and I only spent $1. I laugh at the folks shelling out tons of money on fancy new shoes, ha, ha, ha! Then, with renewed enthusiasm to hit the pavement, I head out for a jog. Usually by the time I get back, my knees are throbbing and I have the worst shin splints in history. Yet, I may never learn my lesson because there are many more name brand running shoes on the shelves of thrift stores just waiting for me. My closet shoe collection will grow to new heights and the women's fitness magazines sitting on the table displaying beautiful new shoes will never be used. Eventually I will have to downsize my collection and my shoes will end up back in the thrift store awaiting the next sucker.
My lesson to you all: Buy new shoes!


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