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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Trail Running

Today I escaped my neighborhood and found a nice trail along the river running through town. My running partner finally decided to run again and we jogged a very respectable 1.5 miles. We actually went 3 miles, but we walked half. My preference is definitly trail running. I love how the terrain changes and makes your body adjust to it. This way you are also training your body to have balance and control. I think if I trail run at least a couple days a week this will make an improvement in my running form and strength.
I am finding that the first 1/2 mile or so I feel heavy and stiff even if I have stretched. Eventually I loosen up and feel great, but I wonder what I can do to overcome this. I can't run my scheduled 5k race (which is a trail run) and start off like a slug! If I throw in some cross training maybe this will help.
Running on the trail was a little frustrating though. There were so many bikes coming from behind that by the time they were upon us we could just barely get out of the way. I don't understand why they can't warn us. Another problem we had, which may have attributed to the amount of walking we did, was my running partners dogs. She had one dog that was not very social and wanted to attack other dogs so every time somebody with a dog was approaching we had to stop and move out of the way. This got to be annoying soI may suggest no dogs next time.
It has yet to be a full week of serious running but I am starting to feel very good. My body seems to be slimming somewhat even though I have not lost weight and I have more of a spring to my step when running. I can only get more motivated from here, right? The only part that is still not slimming is my belly, but this may never go away. I am still doing the Mari Pilates workout and can feel the areas it is working. I have never had a video workout actually do anything for me, but this is something!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez,I think you've almost motivated me to start running again! I'll have to start out slow though because it has been 4 years, almost 5, since I did any serious running/jogging. I really miss the feeling of relaxation that you get after a while. I remember sometimes just "sitting back" mentally and physically while my legs kept moving. I hope that with nicer weather, I'll get out there and do something.

2/14/2005 1:57 PM

Blogger dbmontana said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope you do start running again. It feels great, it is always a good time to start, and the best part is that it's free!

2/14/2005 4:19 PM

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2/15/2006 4:48 AM

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