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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Run Down

I finally went running today. We went about 2 miles and ran about 1.5 of it. I felt pretty tense the whole run, but I had had a rotten day. The pilates DVD has been sitting idle for a little while so I think tomorrow I shall make time for it. Every run I feel stronger, and my body feels a little more firm. There is still a definite jiggle, but at least my knees don't hurt as much after I run. No weight loss yet and I am a little frustrated. I thought by now I would at least lose a pound. I even cut out my after dinner chocolate chip raid. I guess what matters is how I feel and physically I am feeling a ton better than I was 2 weeks ago. The real training is yet to begin though. I think we need to throw in sprints and hills at some point. The women's Fitness magazines call this strength training and I feel I could use a little of this. A 5k run is nothing to some, but right now I see it as a marathon. I am not even close to running a whole 5k. I need to remember that the race isn't until April and not get discouraged.
I just had a thought. Are my old running shoes going to hold up to this training? And do I really want to race in them? I really doubt it.
I have decided to keep a running tab on each post of distance ran, cross-training done, and weight loss. So here is a run down:

Day 1-
distance:1.5 miles
cross-training:45 min. Pilates
weight: no loss

Day 2-
distance: about a mile
cross-training: 45 min. Pilates
weight: +2 lbs.

Day 3-
distance: 1.5 miles
cross-training: none
weight: no loss

Day 4-
distance: 0
cross-training: 0
weight: no loss

Day 5-
distance: 0
cross-training: 0
weight: holding stable

Day 6-
distance:1.5 miles
cross-training: 0
weight: no loss


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