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Thursday, February 10, 2005

My First Run

It has been 19 months since my son was born and I still can't get the extra 10 pounds off. I was 20 pounds overweight but thanks to my colitis I lost 10 pounds. Now that the colitis is gone that 10 pounds is threatening to make a recurrence everyday. I have tried so many diets like Atkins, and the South Beach diet, but I never stick to it. Well I am running out of excuses not to take better care of myself and get back into shape. Right before I got pregnant I was running 3-5 miles most days of the week, now I can barely run 2 blocks without being winded. I have always loved running, but have gotten rather lazy being a stay at home mom. This is not to say this is an easy job, quite the contrary, but there are too many opportunities to snack while I go about my day, and I have grown rather fond of food. I began running soon after my son was born, but would get discouraged by my jiggling belly and thighs. I developed a bad self image and decided my fate was to be searching for a pair of pants that would hide my big butt.
So here I am. At a crossroads. Do I accept my body for what it is now and get on with my life? Or do I care enough about myself to become strong and healthy? Well, you probably can guess the answer just by the title of this post. So here it goes, welcome to my ups and downs of 5k training.

My goals:
5k race in mid-April
10k race in September

-My first run went amazingly better than expected. I ran with a friend so I wouldn't be tempted to cut the run short or walk more. We did walk, but for the first run this was awesome. I am not sure exactly how far we ran, but I think it was just shy of 1-1/2 miles. This was a weak ago. I ran again alone two days after that, but have not been out since then. No excuses.
-Did Pilates today for 45 minutes
-Going running tomorrow. I think I will just do a slow mile. I have to remember to start slow. I want so badly to be one of those great joggers passing the slow joggers. In time!


Blogger Heidi said...

Hi Hannah,
Your articles are hilarious! But what´s all this about a big butt? you´re the thinnest girl I know!
Well, gotta run (hehe)


2/19/2005 5:55 PM


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