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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lazy Days and Running Pant Alterations

I have not ran in two days now and feel really lousy about it. I didn't run yesterday because it isn't good to run everyday, so I took the day off. Today I had no excuse. I just got busy and by the time I thought about it I was starting dinner. Of course I over ate and feel even worse. Tomorrow I am going running with my friend again so at least I know I will have to go tomorrow. This is why having a training partner is so crucial. There are always going to be days I don't feel like going, but if I know somebody is expecting me then I am obligated and it is fun.
I finally got rid of my excess thrift store running shoes and feel pretty good about it. I have two pairs left and I am not quite sure why I kept the second pair. They are pretty but the tread is completely gone and the laces have seen better days. I know I won't run in them either for fear I will end up with nasty shin splints or sore feet. I guess I will have to retire these also.
I wrote earlier about how I finally found the perfect running pant and I would like to retract this statement. Instead of being too short, they are too long. On my last run they kept catching on the bottom of my shoes pulling them further and further down my waist. I was really annoyed by this. I think I will have to take a pair of scissors to them. Well, more to come tomorrow...


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